Ugandan tradition?

In Uganda it is common to eat the food with the fingers, no matter if the person who eats is a rich or a poor person. Most especially the food at weddings and burials is eaten without any tool. The traditional mashed platinas are taken only with the right hand and dipped into a sauce made out of beans, peas or meat. The left hand is always clean, so that on hand is ready to catch things like the glass or something else.

Many peole think that this is still done because it is a tradition. But many years ago people were forced to eat by fingers because they could not afford a spoon or a fork. Because people eat at weddings and burials with the fingers one might think that this is their tradition, but with tradition this has nothing to do. Or can a tradition be created by forcing something? Rich people do it as well and make the world think that this is a traditional part of Uganda.

Maybe they are now creating the tradition…


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