Milk, lies and propaganda

A glass of milk often symbolizes the most nourishing and healthy food, but what if milk wasn’t as healthy as we all believe?

«Milk, lies and propaganda» is a book published in 2007 and written by Thierry Souccar, a french  scientific journalist. The goal of this researched book is to convince the reader that drinking milk is not as healthy as what the milk industry make us believe…       Based on many scientific researches, the book demonstrates that a dairy consumption of milk is associatd with elevated risks of prostate cancers and Parkison’s disease. The author denounces the powerful milk industries that have convinced a big part of the population that drinking milk or eating yogourts each day strengthen our bones and prevent osteoporosis, just to make more and more money.                                                                 This book denies the preconcied ideas about milk, but it’s up to you to make your own opinion!

20130813-222201 LaitMensongesEtPropagande

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