Insects for dinner

Regarding the culture of our countries, eating insects seems impossible and disgusting for many people in Europe ; however it is common in many countries, such as the countries in Africa or in Oceania.

The consumption of insects could be a solution to the food insecurity of the 21th century. Indeed, as the world population more than doubled in only 50 years and as the demand for animals proteins is always increasing, the agriculture won’t be able to provide enough animals proteins to everybody… And eating insects could be the solution to provide us those proteins !


Insects are easy to breed : they reproduce very fast, they don’t need a lot of space, they don’t require a lot of vegetal food (more than 10 times more plant nutrients are needed to produce one kilogram of meat than one kilogram of insect) and furthermore, the quality of their proteins is really good for human consumption.

However, in the Western culture, entomophagy  seems to be a real taboo. For that reason, more and more researches are lead to develop « insect powder », which could be added in our daily food and eaten without disgust as you don’t see that you’re eating insects.

Would you be ready to eat insects?

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