French «Foie gras»: Culture or torture ?

The «Foie gras» is one of the most famous gastronomic french food, even though it was first invented in Rome, during the IV century before Christ.

Nowadays, it has become a part of the french culture, and, as a fancy and expansive product, is mostly used on special ocasion: Christmas, birthdays, New Year’s Eve…Ever since this production and consumption have become a french specialty, this activity has always been very important in the economy of the country.

However, there are more and more ethical issues causing problems to the production of Foie Gras, since the method of force feeding required is highly criticized by many Animals Protective Associations. In different states of the world, the consumption of Foie Gras has already been forbidden for that reason (for example in the state of California, in the USA).


Facing such reactions and controversies, we can wonder what is the most important: Maintaing traditions and preserving this part of the culture at all costs, or banishing it in the name of animal protection ?

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