More than honey

More than honey is a movie made from a Swiss producer. The movie shows the damage which will happen if  the bees die out. Right now many bees are dying and this will cause many problems to our food system. Because more than one third of our food in the whole world is depending on bees. Even Albert Einstein said that if the bees die out, four years later the humans do as well.

More than honey shows from the USA to China how people handle the dying out of the bees. One big cause why bees die in the US is because beekeepers hold too big bee colonies and to feed all of them the beekeepers need to travel around the US. Due the traveling the bees get affected and they are not as strong as usual. In addition the traveling of the bees colonies causes that sicknesses are spread in the whole of the United States. Big almond cultures where billions of bees are located need pesticides which kills a significant part of the bees.

In China it is even worse! In several parts of China the bees have already died out. To pollinate the appletrees in these areas people buy pollen and pollinate each and every flower by hand. In the universitiy of Peking students struggling with the question who pollinate better: the humans or the bees! Such a question should not even bee asked!

More than honey animates to think about what we do to the bees and therewith also to us and our food. A movie to watch!


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