Innovation : the auto-heating can

A new tendency in the packaging of drinks has appeared : the auto-heating can ! Those innovating packaging are called hot-drinks, and appeared in the supermarkets in 2005 in Spain. Those cans are made of recyclable steel.

They heat in only 3 minutes by a simple process. In the inferior part of the can, there are separated reservoirs of water and of calcium oxide. When you open the can, the two reservoirs mix, which produces a chemical reaction that releases heat, and that heat warms the drink during 20 minutes. The outside of the can is covered by a protective coating, to avoid any burn of the consumer’s fingers.


In Spain, those cans are produced by the firm Fast Drink, and costs about 2€. With the progression of snacking food in sales, the principle of the auto-heating can has strong chances to develop and other distributors will certainly follow the trend!

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