Does a vegetarian live healthy?

There are many different types of vegetarian. Generally vegetarian feed on vegetable products no matter which type of vegetarian. Some might also eat milk products, honey and eggs others not.

Is it healthier not to eat meat?

People who do not eat meat have some advantages of the health compared with omnivorous:

–  They die less often because of cardiovascular diseases and their blood lipid value is better than the one of omnivorous.

– They die less often because of cancer

– They have less high blood pressure values

– They have a less high Body-Mass-Index

But why do vegetarians have this health advantages? The effect of eating more fruits and vegetables is not the only one. Vegetarians live normally a healthier life. They do more sports, they smoke less and they drink less alcohol. The sum of all these positive behavior makes a vegetarian healthier than an omnivorous.

But vegetarians do also have to be carefull. With a feed without meat they need to ensure that they get enough proteins and a problem could also be the vitamin B12 which can be found mostly in meat. Vegetarians who do not eat any animal product will suffer from deficiency symptoms.

A vegan diet is not recommended becuase it is almost impossible not to suffer from deficiency symptoms by eating only vegetable products and not taking any supplements. However a vegetarian diet can be very healthy if it is exactly known what to eat not to suffer from deficiency.

Vegetarians can live as healthy as omnivorous or even healthier but the feed has to be

strictly varied.


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