Taste the honey ants

The honey-pot ants are ants living in arid areas of Australia, North America and Africa. They live deep in the soil, about two meters underground. Their particularity is that they have their abdomen is full with honeydew made of sugar, water and nutrients. They are used as alive reservoirs of food by the other ants of the colony. The volume they acquire in their abdomen make them incapable of movement. They remain suspended at the ceiling or the walls of the nest, and regurgitate this precious liquid by mouth when other workers come to claim it if they are hungry. As they live in arid areas, they are valuable because of their water-full abdomen, and ants from other colonies sometimes try to steal those honey-pot ants for their reserve of food.


In Australia, these ants are considered as delicacy by the aborigine people. They dig deep to find the galleries of the ants and eat them ! 

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