How much food do you waste ?


According to a study done last year, more than 240.000 tons of food are thrown away every year in Europe. This means that each and every single person in Europe wastes, in average, 500g of food every day.

Very diferent sectors are responsible for such a waste: Supermarkets, households, restaurants,… The proportions of food waste in the different sectors are the following:

Households: 42% (of which more than 60% could be easily avoided)

Food industry: 39%

Restaurants: 14%

Detail: 5%

 Even more shocking considering that in Europe, more than 16 million people rely on charity events to feed themselves. Which is why important measures need to be taken to reduce those wastes, in all of those sectors. If nothing changes, acording to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) the food waste will increase of 40% by 2020.

A great part of the situation is due to the consumers’ behaviour, and to the consumer’s society we live in: people tend to buy things they don’t really need, in inadequate quantities, and end up wasting it. In fact, a better education about how to purchase and consume our food could really help the situation.


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