The truth about Chicken nuggets in fast food

Chicken nuggets are a very popular meal, in many countries. Apreciated by all, but mostly by children, they are easy to eat, tasty, cheap, and made of chicken… Or at least, that is what they claim.

Acording to an investigation carried out last september by two american scientists, and as they explain in their study called «The Autopsy of Chicken Nuggets reads ‘Chicken little’ «, the two nuggets of which composition they have examined more closely contained less than 50% of real chicken meat.

In fact, the rest of it is made of chicken skin, bones and insides, nerves and fat… This is what you eat when you order a box of nuggets in your favorite fast food. Appealing, isn’t it?

But the exact composition of nuggets is not exactly breaking news: Any fast food has the legal obligation to provide the information of all the ingredients they put into their meals, which means that they oficially have the right to make us eat chicken bones.

But if people knew that what was hidden in their meal, would they be disgusted and stop eating, or would they keep ordering nuggets?

The scary part is that even knowing that what they are eating is unhealthy and quite disgusting, if you put it in the shape of something they love like nuggets, children will have no problem keeping consuming them, as we can see in this video of a failed attempt to make them see reason.

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