Malnutrition in hospitals

The malnutrition in hospitals is a very big problem. Many people who arrives in hospitals suffers already from a malnutrition. Often this malnutrition is because of the sickness or an accident. Diseases like cancer affect the metabolism and during the stage of sickness the body needs more proteins and energy. If the patients does not eat enough a malnutrition can be the result. Often the patients are even getting worse during the hospital stay!

The malnutrition normally in the hospital is not treated because the staff does not have an adequate education in nutrition. It can cause very important problems. That is the reason why some recommended measures were made.
Here some of them:

– The patient record should include the malnutrition.

– The hospital staff should be educated and have some courses of further education about nutrition and most especially about malnutrition in hospitals.

– Nutrition should be an issue in every medical visit.

– If patients can not eat themselves, the staff should help them.

As well it is very important that the food is valueable and it should be inviting to eat it. Most of the patients in hospitals do not eat enough, but this is not only because of the sicknesses. Many of the patients do have an absence of appetite. That is why the food should be inviting.

The biggest problem is however the fact that most of the patients do not have any idea of the impact of a malnutrition during hospital stay. It is very important to educate as well the patient, because finally it is him to decide what to eat and how much!

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