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What I'm?<-Which mark am I?

Ireland declared yet another war with the smokers . A few years ago smoking in pubs on the «Green Island » seemed to be an integral part of the local culture . And yet, despite the protests, in 2004, Ireland became the first country in the world, which introduced a ban on smoking in the public. Later wave of similar prohibitions spilled to other countries, including Poland .

Now Ireland, again, sets the direction of action in the fight against nicotine. The datas about smoking are still disturbing: the local health department argues that every year from diseases associated with smoking died more than 5,000 people. For a 4.5 million- Ireland this calculation is impressive. (In my opinion- banning smoking in public wasn’t so great idea as the government believed). In United Kingdom statistics are saying, each year die of smoking about 100,000 of people. Health care for smokers costs about 14 billion pounds. Therefore, since last year, supermarkets cannot put packages in plain view, for two years already ban will apply to all stores. The islanders are infamous top of the ranking, because in European Union die because of smoking each year “only” 700 thousand people.

Against evil packages

Scientists tested, that the same color packs evoke negative feelings, weaken attachment to the brand, create a less attractive image of a smoker and expose the truth about smoking .

This assertion, however, oppose the world tobacco giants, among others, Philip Morris and British American Tobacco, who mostly believe that this idea help in developing of a gray market area. Their products will be much more easier to imitate, because only small name of the brand will be visible on the shorter wall of the pack. By changing this one detail, forgers can freely produce Malboro, Camel or Lucky Strike in one go.

Unmarked packages is one of the ways to combat addiction. UE wants the packs in grey-green colours, which brings rotten plants into mind.  Another method of discouraging cigarette is putting dramatic images of smokers, mainly cancer patients. One of used photographs is a man breathing through a tracheostomy tube (cases of cancer of the trachea). Others show the approximation of smoker lung, heart, cancer of the larynx, mouth or teeth damaged by tobacco smoke. Such warnings have already adopted the 42 countries, so 40% of the global market (including United Kingdom, Belgium, Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Latvia, Switzerland, Thailand and others).

Meanwhile, in Poland for six years already applicable warnings are in written form, which isn’t helping in decreasing amount of smokers. Experts argue, that people are so accustomed to them that they do not pay attention now.

Against evil mint

Another idea to fight the addiction is the European Commission is to ban flavored cigarettes (f.eg, menthol, mint, vanilla… ) to discourage smoking Europeans. The project also assumes that the package must be 75 % visually and verbally covered with health warnings- so no places for the green leaves of herbs and other ornamental designs. This means that if the proposal comes into force, three-quarters of the package will take pictures of internal organs such as damaged or destroyed cancer tissues and messages that smoking kills.

Against evil slim

Its proposed to vote a directive against slim packages. And also ban slim cigarettes-to not give smokers a feeling, that they are smoking less, by using ones slender then normal.  Also parcels of thin cigarettes are particularly attractive to young women who are willing to believe that they are less harmful, associate them with femininity and elegance and weight loss.

It is not known when the Directive could come into force . In the middle of the May at a meeting of EU agriculture ministers, representatives of 10 countries, have criticized the project – it was Poland, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia, which in may partially joined the Union. According to these countries draft directive hits in the tobacco market and can lead to the loss of many jobs (off course it will do).

In Poland it won’t do

Because a lot of tobacco in the market is coming from Poland, I don’t think that idea which is hitting into producers will be supported much. We have already very wide grey field trades, and it will only deepen in time. Also contraband is actively developing, especially near the east border. Nothing will stop creativity of people who are the “ants” (ants are crossing a border everyday to transfer alcohol and cigarettes) from taking as much stuff as possible through the border, from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, through Poland, into west and north Europe.

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