What diary product to choose to get the best of it?

With so wide range of dispose marks people can get what product to choose, and for what purpose?Let’s review few mites and answer some questions about what is healthy in milk products. – The less fat the better. This is definitely not truth. If you want to lose some weight or reduce intake of fats say good bye to happy meals in McDonald and similar. The milk is the best product which people can get , remember it nourishes baby’s at least one year, has excellent proportions of substances which is a base of our develop. Additionally, people are buying too much azucerado/adulcerado products, like yoghurts . Such products should be limited in they diets at first. Also by purchasing milk with less fat you are getting rid of very necessarily fat soluble vitamins, like A, D, E, K. Don’t be fooled by labels that it is enriched in Ca. All of “desnatada” or “semidesnatada” ingredient is milk powder, which is enriched in calcium by law, but still is low in other minerals, and low in vitamins (to absorb calcium you need vit D!). Milk sold in shops is standardized normally, so contains 3,6%of fats. Let’s say It’s 100% of what you can get from one cartoon. By buying 0,5% of fat you are losing around 85% of vitamins which you could possibly get. In time, as the products on the market tend to have less and less nutritional value, every, even small amount is highly desirable in our diets. – Sterilized milk is better, because it can be storage for very long time. Maybe it can be storage longer, but the essential problem is it doesn’t contain bacteries. Natural milk straightly from a cow has a stable parameters; the one after processing in high temperature has all of the bacteries destroyed, so after opening the cartoon liquid is vulnerable, often some of foreign pathogens manage to get inside, contaminate and intoxicate whole product. Such milk is dangerous to eat. But fresh milk has it’s own positive fermentative microfloral, which not only multiplicate, creating stable environment and letting kefir and buttermilk to create, but are very positive to our digestive system. – After eating kefir of buttermilk I have very unpleasant symptoms, so I cannot drink it. It’s wrong way of thinking. Normally people have stable microsystem bowels, but after getting sick, using antibiotics, or any other encounter which decrease immunity of our organisms need higher concentration of the positive bacteries implanted to their bowels to make up for a lost one. Abrupt introduction is wrong. Also person who isn’t used to , by receiving big amount of foreign, but even good bacteries from food, will feel bad repercussions. The best situation is when he drink 1/3-1/4 of glass, every 2-3 days at the beginning. Later it depends on body response. – Why should I drink kefir or buttermilk, if I have yoghurts, like Danone or Actimel? Because for example Actimel (or any other similar product) has special breed of microorganisms , which normally doesn’t exist in our digestive system or is in minority. After eating them you are gaining foreign floral, which conquere, compete or kill your natural one. So as the result you need Actimel constantly, to maintain sufficient amounts of lactic bacteries. It’s kind of psychical and physical addiction because you will start to feel uncomfortable if you stop to import them into your body. You will also recall how good you were feeling when you were eating, so you probably start to purchasing it again in no time. In concern of yoghurts it’s said, it needs to have at least 10^6 cells (bacteries)/ml. A lot of products on the market doesn’t have that much because of very invasive thermical treatment or too short fermenting process. So they practically use other names on the label, like Danone (the name so strongly associated with yogurt products that people have hard time to realize sometimes they aren’t),Yogs and other, which aren’t sustainable for our bodies. Small amount of bacteries also doesn’t result in “bad stomach effect” (like diarrhea) so people think they are ok. Only kefirs and buttermilk (and few checked yogurts, where good products ≠ very known brand) are giving security of gaining natural bacterial flora in good amount. Next article: allergies, digestive components and eating tips.

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