Flowers for dinner

Hotgame is a french company, located in the north of Britanny (North West of France) and created in the 80’s.

The main goal of this company is to develop and introduce new concepts in the field of Vegetables culture, by growing and gathering «original products». Among other things, the range of products that Hotgame can offer on its website include wild plants, edible seaweeds, wasabi roots, and… Edible flowers.

As they explain on their website, only some flowers are appropriate for food consumption and need to be carefully cultivated to serve this purpose. In fact, they need to be cultivated by a market gardener, and picked up one by one, taking great care not to touch the petals. According to Hotgame, every single one of the flowers that actually are edible has its specific taste and color.

Here are a few examples of the flowers you can eat, and how you should eat them:

The Begonia flower: its acid taste allows it to replace lemon, for example to cook fishes. begoniaBut it can also be used adding it to deserts with almonds.

Begonia flower

The Pansy flower: Its taste is quite neutral, so it can be added to almost every dishes, but is especially good with deserts like creams, ice cream or compote.


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