Water of saffron

Precious and delicate, the saffron comes from the flower of sativus Crocus. Its culture, its harvest and its drying are meticulous manual stages. As a consequence, this spice is the most expensive one : 30 000 euros for one kilogram of it… that is why the saffron is called «red gold». Besides its price, the saffron is not easy to use and to cook! Indeed,  it is necessary to infuse it at least 30 minutes to extract the aromas from it and the color! That’s why a french firm created the Water of Saffron, an infusion of saffron in spray, ready for use.


The water of safran was created in 2012, and is composed of only natural ingredients :  3% of saffron, mineral water and a bit of lemon juice. The bottle of 50mL costs 10 euros, which is a good alternative to saffron when you look at the price of this spice!

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