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The interactive beer bottle

This year, the firm Heineken is going to roll out its interactive Heineken Ignite bottle in seven key markets around the globe…. What is the Ignite bottle? Heineken defines it as the “first interactive bottle”, because it can produce light, for example … Seguir leyendo

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Flowers for dinner

Hotgame is a french company, located in the north of Britanny (North West of France) and created in the 80’s. The main goal of this company is to develop and introduce new concepts in the field of Vegetables culture, by … Seguir leyendo

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La Gran Colecta de alimentos 2013 supera los objetivos expectados

Por primera vez en España fue organizada por los bancos alimentos una Gran Colecta alimentaria, con el objetivo siguiente: Alcanzar la colecta de 10 miliones de kilos de alimentos en toda España, para ayudar a los 3 miliones de personas … Seguir leyendo

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Water of saffron

Precious and delicate, the saffron comes from the flower of sativus Crocus. Its culture, its harvest and its drying are meticulous manual stages. As a consequence, this spice is the most expensive one : 30 000 euros for one kilogram … Seguir leyendo

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Malnutrition in hospitals

The malnutrition in hospitals is a very big problem. Many people who arrives in hospitals suffers already from a malnutrition. Often this malnutrition is because of the sickness or an accident. Diseases like cancer affect the metabolism and during the … Seguir leyendo

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Semana del cinema etnológico

Esta semana, del 25 de noviembre hasta el 1 de diciembre ocurre en Francia la «Semana del cinema etnológico». Este evento tiene lugar en un cinema de Caen, una ciudad de Normandia. Durante toda la semana, las películas que estan … Seguir leyendo

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Making Facebook Friends by bumping glasses

The american firm Budweiser Has created an inovating cup : a cup able to add people as friends on Facebook only by bumping your glass with this person! At each pparty sponsored by Budweiser, you are given a special cup … Seguir leyendo

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Biological value of proteins

Proteins are together with carbohydrats an fats forming the group of macronutrients. Proteins are essential for our body. They are made out of amino acids and are responsable for the construction of our body. Our body can synthesize some proteins … Seguir leyendo

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The truth about Chicken nuggets in fast food

Chicken nuggets are a very popular meal, in many countries. Apreciated by all, but mostly by children, they are easy to eat, tasty, cheap, and made of chicken… Or at least, that is what they claim. Acording to an investigation … Seguir leyendo

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Importance of the folic acid during the pregnancy

Folic acid is a Vitmin B (B9 or B11) which occurs mostly in fruits and vegetables, most especially in cabbage but also in whole wheat bread and liver. There are also tablets available or food which is enriched with this … Seguir leyendo

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