Making Facebook Friends by bumping glasses

The american firm Budweiser Has created an inovating cup : a cup able to add people as friends on Facebook only by bumping your glass with this person!

At each pparty sponsored by Budweiser, you are given a special cup with a microchip RFID in it. This chip is in fact a radio identification chip, which you have to connect to your facebook account. Once you are connected, each time you will bump your glass with someone, the RFIS chip will automatically send an invitation on facebook to this person.

Until now, the buddy cup was only tried in Brazil and in the USA, but the firm wants to export it worldwide.


The main issue of this type of product is privacy. Users scan the code on the bottom of the cup, connecting it to their Facebook profiles, and then they open themselves up to all sorts of problems. All you have to do is bump your glass with someone else’s and they have access to your Facebook profile.  The thought of having the ability to quickly and easily give away personal information to strangers while drinking can be very dangerous…

Cheers !


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