Importance of the folic acid during the pregnancy

Folic acid is a Vitmin B (B9 or B11) which occurs mostly in fruits and vegetables, most especially in cabbage but also in whole wheat bread and liver. There are also tablets available or food which is enriched with this acid folic. 


It is known that pregnant women should take more acid folic. But why does a unborn baby need acid folic? 

Acid folic is needed during the cell division. This is the case particulary in the early stage of pregnancy. That’s why the women have to ensure to eat enough acid folic. If not enough folic acid is eaten, the fetus risks to get born with a open back or will even be dead. Every fetus has this risk no matter of the age of the mother and if it is the first child or not. 


To prevent this miscarriage it is important to eat enough acid folic during pregnancy. Enough means that beside the balanced diet which is also irreplaceable, every day should be taken 0,4 mg acid folic in tablets. Even if you are not yet pregnant but you think about getting it, you should already start to take acid folic tablets. 

It will help to save the health of your child, but as it is written above, a balanced diet is as important as the acid folic tablets …or even more!

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